New Actions

Revised GWC 4.0 Master Playbook 

As we move through the competition year, the GWC team adds new actions and edits exisitng actions to help participants earn more points and recognition. Some of these updates are possible because participants continue to innovate and invent new actions! The newest updates are now available in the GWC 4.0 Master Playbook. Organizations can now earn even more points with new actions:

  • EQ35: Support local community organizations by holding a food, clothing or financial gift drive (1 to 5 points)
  • E40: Develop and implement a policy which requires all suppliers to follow environmentally and socially responsible practices (1 to 10 points)
  • E41: Take sustainability into consideration when choosing a building location for your organization’s operations (1 to 5 points)
  • MM38: Purchase or use recycled office supplies, furniture or other materials (1 to 5 points)
  • T29: Consider alternative commute options when planning events (1 to 3 points)
  • AQ35: Use low-VOC and environmentally friendly alternative asphalt and cement sealants (2 to 4 points)
  • U11: Encourage restaurants and/or food service providers on campus to apply for Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation (1 to 20 points)

Other actions have been edited to help clarify submission criteria, and/or award points for additional efforts. See these updated actions in the Master Playbook for more details:

  • EQ19: Provide inclusive benefits packages (1 to 5 points) 
  • EN22: Update your lighting with more efficient bulbs (5 to 50 points) 
  • WA26: Tour ALCOSAN’s wastewater treatment facility (1 to 5 points) 
  • MM7: Write a waste reduction plan and procedure (5 points) 
  • MM8: Create a Zero Waste goal and action plan (10 points) 
  • MM26: Write and implement an electronic waste policy (5 points) 
  • T23: Conduct a Green Vehicle Fleet Assessment (3 points) 
  • AQ1: Monitor indoor particulate matter in your home or office (5 to 20 points)
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