GWC 2013 - 2014 Final Results

The final results of the 2013 - 2014 Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge are in!
Find out more about the results revealed at the June 25, 2014 Awards Ceremony:

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Every Action Adds Up to Make Significant Changes

Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge Shows Every Action Adds Up to Make Significant Changes


The Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge, a yearlong competition for organizations to save money and gain recognition for implementing green initiatives, ended its second year with an Awards Ceremony and Celebration on June 25, 2014 at Chatham University.In the 2013-2014 competition the GWC attracted dozens of businesses and organizations to participate, with the goal of saving energy, water, and money while reducing air quality impacts. All of the active participants in this year’s competition have reaped the benefits of being involved.


Read the press release about the final standings here and some comments from the competition awards winners.


What sets the Green Workplace Challenge apart is the ability for participants to measure their impacts and earn recognition for implementing sustainability initiatives over a wide range of categories–energy, water, waste, transportation, policy, and engagement. Participants earned points by choosing from over 200 actions outlined in the GWC Guidebook. The core of the actions focused on measuring reductions in resource usage on a year-to-year comparison basis.  Some actions encouraged investments to upgrade workplace environments, such as more efficient lighting, while others focused on engaging employees and volunteering in the local community. In this year’s competition alone, participants submitted over 1,668 sustainable actions.


The financial and environmental triumphs of the competition are no less impressive. In all, participants saved 26,630,000 kWh of energy, valued at over $2.12 million, 5,421,000 gallons of water, and 4821 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. To put those numbers into perspective, that’s enough energy to power over 2300 homes for a year, and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by 121 airline flights of over 500 miles!


As evidenced by the last few decades, Pittsburgh continues to be a leader in environmental restoration and economic prosperity. The Green Workplace Challenge involved all sectors in this regional sustainability effort–from the business and nonprofit sectors, to municipalities and local universities. While there is still much more work to be done, the accomplishments and achievements of those involved in the Green Workplace Challenge truly impacted everyone living in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


“The most important thing for participants to realize is that every action that these leading organizations have taken as part of the competition adds up to making our region a better place,” said Matt Mehalik, Program Manager for Sustainable Pittsburgh. “The entire field of competitors deserves accolades for their hard work at investing in and improving their organizations and our home.”



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