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The Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge (GWC)

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The GWC is a free, yearlong competition for organizations to save money and gain recognition for energy savings and other green initiatives. Through the GWC, participants track and measure improvements in the areas of energy, water, waste, and transportation. Points are earned based on actions taken. The GWC steps beyond national trendsetters in enabling participants to actively track and receive credit and verification for their green actions in a safe and secure environment.

Businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, and colleges/universities are eligible to participate in the GWC. Participants will compete among peers in their own category type.

Create an account today and participate as an observer!  Signing up is easy.  Sign up for a “New User Account.”  After you create an account, please view the Green Workplace Challenge Quick Start Guide to identify the top ten actions you can take to start saving money.


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